Miracle Moments  
About Miracle Moments


n behalf of all of us at CHRISTUS Health, I am pleased to bring you Miracle Moments Online…a collection of inspirational stories that speaks to the CHRISTUS Mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

These stories have been submitted by a variety of sources close to CHRISTUS, including Sisters, Associates, physicians, patients and their family members, volunteers and residents of the communities we serve. Miracle Moments Online contains stories about particularly moving incidents or interactions with others that have affected the authors’ lives in a deep, profound and possibly unimaginable way.

Quite simply, an event becomes a miracle when it reaffirms one’s faith in God, in one’s self, and in the human spirit. To the CHRISTUS family, such moments serve as a reminder of the special privilege we share working within a faith-based health care system, where we may personally experience or bear witness to miracles each and every day.

It is our hope that our Miracle Moments stories will serve as reminders that God works through us to heal and comfort those in need—physically, spiritually and emotionally. May your hearts be filled with peace and happiness as you read these stories, and may you always remember to look for miracle moments in your own life.

Thomas C. Royer, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer, CHRISTUS Health