Miracle Moments Miracle Moments with Family

y baby was born at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa in January of 2006.  A day before he was born, the doctors detected that something was wrong.  Another doctor checked me and detected that the baby probably had problems with his heart and stomach.  Eventually, a third and fourth doctor would say the same.  I was sent to the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa emergency room and prayed along with my family. 

When I arrived at the hospital I felt very calm and a priest came to my room before the surgery to pray.  My baby was born and nothing that the doctors suspected had occurred.  My baby boy was born with only a minor problem – he was fine!  I know that God was present and proved that He is the one who decides when and how to cure people.  The doctors don’t know why the baby wasn’t born with major health issues, as they had diagnosed. 

I am so grateful to God to have had my baby born at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, where everyone gave my son a lot of love and so many people inside the hospital prayed for him.  God listens to prayers!  Today, my child is nearly a year old and is completely normal. I would like to thank all of the hospital staff that made a wonderful miracle occur for my baby, Jorge!

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CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health Care