Miracle Moments Miracle Moments with Family
Our Miracle Son  

N NOVEMBER 1998, my son, who was two years old at the time, was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was employed at the CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Family Practice Clinic in Kountze, Texas. Kountze is a small community and the word quickly spread about Julian’s illness. I had many patients that began to pray for him, and they even put him on their prayer lists at church. I didn’t ask this of them, they simply did it.

Soon, new patients would come in, and when I introduced myself, they would say, “Oh, we are praying for your son at church.” I didn’t even know these people and they certainly didn’t know Julian, and yet, the love of Jesus Christ just shined through them as they prayed. Patients would visit the clinic, and although they were ill, would ask to pray with me and for my family. These constant prayers helped my husband and I make it through trying and troubling times. There were numerous Associates who were praying for us, also.

PullquoteOur family’s faith in God and the great power of prayer were strengthened and renewed. Loving, caring Christians who carried us through Julian’s illness with their prayers surrounded us.

On January 21, 1999—the day we were awaiting information about Julian’s surgery to remove the cancerous node—the cancer began to shrink and dissolve after it had been growing for four months. The doctors were amazed and could not believe that the node was getting smaller. My husband and I decided to postpone any further tests and treatments for a while—against the advice of our doctors—and to simply let God do His work with Julian.

Within two weeks, the node was completely gone and Julian’s lab tests returned to normal. Everyone is still amazed at our testimony of the awesome power of prayer and healing. We realize and live with that power every day as we watch our little miracle son grow into a happy, healthy four-year-old. I believe that Julian is anointed for special work on earth through our heavenly Father, and I look forward to the day when he is older and can completely understand his healing and listen for God’s special work through him.

Gina VanDevender, PA-C
physician’s assistant
CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Family Practice Clinic
Fannett, Texas