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Prayers For Gary  

HERE ARE MIRACLES. My 16-year-old grandson, Gary, is here today because of them. Gary was in a head-on collision several months ago. His car was demolished except for a little cocoon-like area where he was sitting. He suffered a severe head trauma. An emergency medical technician who was off-duty at the time happened onto the accident scene. He thought Gary was dead. He called for an air-life helicopter and Gary was taken to University Hospital in San Antonio.

He was admitted to intensive care where he was monitored every minute. He had severe brain shearing, but no broken bones. Once his condition stabilized, he was discharged from intensive care. There wasn’t room on the pediatric rehabilitation floor at University Hospital, so we were challenged to decide where to take Gary.

PullquoteA friend of the family suggested Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital. On Gary’s second day there, he began to run a fever. His mother knew something was not right. It was thought he had an infection, but she had an intuition that it was something more. That evening, she persuaded the staff that tests needed to be done to determine the cause of the fever. Gary was taken to radiology and it was discovered that a blood clot had broken loose in his leg and had gone through his heart and into his lung. Once again, he was taken to intensive care.

A filter was installed in the artery near his groin to prevent any more clots. Once he returned to the rehabilitation unit, he finally started to say a few words. While all of the doctors and nurses were great, one nurse in particular stood out. Her name was Inga. One day, Inga asked if we could all pray together. We thought Gary was asleep, but after the prayer he said, “The gift of touch and the gift of feel.” We didn’t know what it meant, but it was very moving.

Gary started improving daily. Three months after the accident he left the hospital and was able to walk out unassisted. He returned to school and continues to improve. The only effect of the accident is a slight limp on the left side.

The support and prayers of Gary’s family and friends certainly had a lot to do with his recovery. We are truly blessed that our beautiful grandson is almost fully recovered. God surely has plans for this young man, because He has performed miracles for him.

Alice Buske
office manager
CHRISTUS Health System Support Center
San Antonio, Texas