Miracle Moments Miracle Moments with Family

NCE OUR CHILDREN WERE GROWN and had moved on with their lives, my husband and I decided to move to Alpine, Texas. We were able to spend a wonderful year rediscovering each other and enjoying our time together as a couple. Then my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. As he became more ill, he continually worried about me being in a place without family or friends. I realized the best thing would be to relocate once again. His brother lived in Freer, so I began to search for a position in that area, and CHRISTUS Spohn Beeville had an opening. My decision to accept employment was a difficult one in light of my husband’s illness.

We soon realized, however, that God had blessed us by providing me with this opportunity. It was exactly the kind of job I wanted, and I would only be four hours away from our children, rather than 12. We sold our home in Alpine immediately, and our children banded together and moved our belongings. In addition, my husband was able to be close to the only family he had left. He was at peace with our lives.

God realized that if my life partner and best friend grew tired of fighting his battle and had to leave me, then now was a good time. One week to the day after beginning my new position, my husband died. I was able to let go of him peacefully, and he died in my arms at home, rather than in a hospital. After his death, my children begged me to move back to East Texas so that I would be closer to them. But I knew God had plans for me and felt I was where I needed to be. That helped me decide to bury my husband in Beeville.

Since we had only been in town for one week and were far, far away from our lifelong friends, I really believed there would only be close family members attending the funeral to grieve with me. After all, I really hadn’t had an opportunity to get to know many people at my new job, and none of them had even met my husband in the short time we’d lived in Beeville.

On the day of his funeral, I was sad that there would only be a handful of people to celebrate my husband’s life. But when the service was over and I stood to leave, I turned and the chapel was full! So many CHRISTUS Spohn Beeville Associates had come to comfort my family—providing nourishment for our bodies and prayers to give us strength! I have never felt such an outpouring of love. I knew God led me to the place I was meant to be.

Ann Goodwin
CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Beeville
Beeville, Texas