Miracle Moments Miracle Moments with Family
The Search  

Y MOTHER HAD BEEN A LONG-TIME RESIDENT of CHRISTUS St. Joseph Villa when she passed away. Our family had mixed feelings about losing her, grateful that she was no longer suffering, but missing our dear mother so much. Even with her passing, we felt that she was with us, watching over us.

Three days after my mother’s funeral, my youngest son was missing. He left our home for work, but never made it to his place of employment. For two days, our family and friends searched for him. The police also began their search, but there was no trace of my son.

PullquoteMy oldest son was deeply discouraged and felt that there must be something we had all overlooked. He went to the cemetery where my mother was laid to rest and proceeded to talk to his grandmother. He told her that she needed to help us find his brother—her grandson—and that he knew she could help. About that time a woman came up behind my son, placed her hand on his shoulder and told him that everything would be all right.

Later that day, my son felt a need to drive up a distant canyon. He and his cousin went as far as the road would go, then turned around to come home.

As they were driving out of the canyon, they spotted my youngest son’s truck. They found my son inside the vehicle, badly beaten, but still alive. He was taken to a local hospital where his recovery began. While his progress has been slow, we are so grateful that he will recover, that his brother was open to the inspiration to go up that canyon, and that my mother was watching out for all of us.

Kay Jones
CHRISTUS St. Joseph Villa
Salt Lake City, Utah