Miracle Moments

ARRIVED HOME ONE EVENING to find messages waiting for me from the local sheriff’s department and from the CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital emergency room. My husband, Scott, and our 5-year-old son, Jesse, had been in an automobile accident.

Scott had been thrown from the car and suffered a traumatic brain injury, but Jesse remained in the car and, thankfully, escaped serious injury. I thank God for all the guardian angels He sent our way, starting from the first moments after the accident occurred. One held Jesse tight so he wouldn’t get hurt while another passerby stopped and helped him climb out the back window, all the time making sure he could not see his father lying in the middle of the road seriously injured. Another wonderful lady stayed with Jesse in the ER until I arrived.

The trauma physicians and staff of the CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital Intensive Care Unit saved Scott’s life and cared for him well. Although Scott’s injuries were serious, God’s presence was so strong that I knew in spite of the long road ahead of us, everything was going to be okay. I was blessed with the love and support of many family members, friends and co-workers throughout the ordeal of Scott’s hospitalization and the daily challenges of working full time, making visits to the hospital, and continuing to care for Jesse and our 2-year-old daughter, Staci.

So many people prayed for Scott’s recovery, even people we didn’t know. It was like a re-birth for Scott. He didn’t open his eyes for nine days after the accident. Then, he was unable to talk, walk, eat, or even recognize us at first. With the help of therapists at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth, Scott re-learned these things, and was able to recognize his family and friends again. He spent three months in the hospital, and I can only describe his recovery as a miracle.

It would have been difficult for me to keep going if it hadn’t been for Jesse and Staci. They told me daily that everything was going to be fine and that daddy would be home soon. They would sit on my lap and sing “Jesus Loves Me” and Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile.” I recorded them singing and played the tapes while Scott was still in a coma. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

It has been 15 difficult months since the accident, and Scott continues to improve. He still doesn’t remember anything about the accident or his stay at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth, but he has been told of the overwhelming support and prayers we received. We will never be able to fully express our appreciation to everyone that has been there for us, but we are thankful to them and wish God’s blessings on them all.

Maria Foshee
CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital
Beaumont, Texas