Miracle Moments

UR MIRACLE MOMENT CAME to us through the eyes of a child. An apprehensive 7 year-old girl had come to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital for day surgery that day. She was unnerved by the unusual events that might lie ahead and became a bit unruly when it was time for her lab tests to be done. Hoping that the lab phlebotomy team could better manage the situation and calm this frightened little girl, she was brought to the laboratory.

Our phlebotomist, sporting a friendly smile, directed our tiny patient to the procedure room, but she seemed determined not to go in. That is, until the door opened, and she noticed our new dinosaur exam table, a gift from the Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital Foundation. In fact, this happened to be the dinosaur’s first week on the ‘job’!

Suddenly, the child’s frowns and anxiety turned to smiles and comfort as she rushed over to take a closer look at her new friend. She clamored onto the dinosaur, glanced around, and was put further at ease when she noticed colorful images of butterflies and dragonflies on the ceiling. In no time, our phlebotomist was able to collect the lab tests she needed.

We thank the Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital Foundation for purchasing this special gift, which will help calm hundreds of young patients’ fears and anxieties for years to come. What a difference a dinosaur makes!

Vicki Fitzhugh
CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health Care
Downtown Laboratory
San Antonio, Texas