Miracle Moments

S USUAL, I REPORTED to work early to waken residents on my unit and get them dressed for the day. A co-worker told me that Elizie, a CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home resident I had cared for before, was doing poorly and expected to die soon. I feared being around people in that condition, and at first, refused to go and see her. As I walked away, a soft and comforting voice said to me, “Go to her. You are my child. She needs you and this is your calling.”

I glanced around and the halls were empty. I smiled and said, “Yes, Father.”

I walked to Elizie’s room and greeted her. Then I told her that I would return shortly to read to her. She nodded her head. I felt better already after stopping in to see her.

I completed my work that day, and then told my supervisors and co-workers where they could find me if they needed me. I went to Elizie’s room once again. I searched for a Bible, but couldn’t find one, so I went to ask Sister Elisabeth for one. I quickly returned to Elizie’s room and began reading Bible scriptures. She seemed relaxed and smiled. It was as though she could actually visualize what I was reading about.

I held Elizie’s hand and talked to her as though nothing were wrong. Later, I heard a voice saying, “Well done, my child.” When it was time to transfer Elizie to the hospital, I stayed with her until the attendants came to pick her up. “Goodbye,” I said, and she nodded at me. Later that day, she passed away.

I felt sad, but relieved for her. Then, the next day, I heard the same voice reminding me that my job wasn’t over. My supervisor and I decided to attend the funeral, and I was glad we did. Elizie looked peaceful. I felt happy knowing I played a small part in her life. I was relieved I had gotten over my fears and visited her in the final days of her life.

Elizie’s family thanked me for all I had done for her and gave me a hug. Then, I heard the strange voice say to me, “Well done. Elizie said ‘thank you and you don’t have to be afraid anymore.’”

Emma Jean Thomas
CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home
Monroe, Louisiana