Miracle Moments

N FEBRUARY 2001, Marjorie (‘Bobbie’) Sweatman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her particular tumor required that she have chemotherapy prior to having surgery, so by the time I met her in May, she had lost all her hair. Her husband was also bald. He proudly informed me, “I haven’t always been bald. I shaved my head to match hers so she wouldn’t feel bad!”

When I introduced myself and gave her a ‘bosom buddy’ bear, she informed me that she would name her bear ‘Brenda.’ Although that is my own name, Mrs. Sweatman said she was naming it in memory of her daughter, Brenda, who had died of breast cancer.

The attitude of Mr. and Mrs. Sweatman is amazing. They are always holding hands and smiling. In fact, Mrs. Sweatman has become the ‘poster child’ for CHRISTUS Schumpert’s cancer treatment services. She appeared on a local television program and will also be seen on billboards throughout the city promoting our cancer treatment facility.

Brenda Pierce
CHRISTUS Schumpert Health System
Shreveport, Louisiana