Miracle Moments

46-YEAR-OLD MAN was brought to our emergency room with a gunshot wound to the heart. The attending physician was shocked that he was alert and conscious. The patient was immediately stabilized and taken directly to surgery. He was under close observation and remained in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for several days.

The physician prepared the man’s family for the worst. The severity of his injury was extreme. However, he continued to amaze everyone as he kept fighting for his life. The patient’s family and their fellow church members prayed continuously. During his hospitalization, he needed several blood transfusions due to severe bleeding, experienced kidney failure and required several other types of surgeries, as well. His condition was so grave and complex that he was eventually transferred to another hospital in Houston.

With God’s act of faith and the continuous prayers of loved ones, however, the man fully recovered and now lives dialysis-free. In fact, just six months after this dreadful event, he was happily telling family and friends of plans for his upcoming marriage!

Eltonet Charles
physical therapist
CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital