Miracle Moments

T WAS A COLD AND WINDY MORNING in January when Irma walked through the doors of the CHRISTUS Spohn Family Health Center. She had been referred by the hospital for follow-up treatment after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Irma had no health insurance, and was having difficulty paying mounting medical bills. The small business she operated with her husband did not provide private insurance, nor was self-pay an option.

A chaplain at the clinic visited with Irma and she expressed her grave concerns about the terrible financial strain her illness had caused. After hearing her story, the chaplain shared one with her called ‘Footprints.’ Its inspirational message serves as a reminder that the Lord is with us through good times and bad, even carrying us during those times when life’s burdens seem too much to bear. The story had special meaning for Irma. It brought her much comfort to know that we are never truly alone. It seemed to calm her fears and anxiety.

PullquoteIrma was also assured there were many people who would help her through this troublesome time, including her physician, nurse, a financial counselor and the chaplain, who offered special prayers for her. That morning, she met with financial assistance personnel, visited with her physician, had further tests done, and was given an appointment to return in two weeks. She seemed more at ease as she left the clinic that day.

When Irma returned to the clinic, she again visited with the chaplain. He offered a special prayer for her before she was seen by the doctor to receive her test results. As Irma waited, she was apprehensive, yet hopeful. When she finally received word that all of her test results were negative, she was overjoyed. There was no indication of the cancer she so feared! Upon leaving the clinic, she declared to the staff, “There is no cancer, thanks to God and to all you good and caring people.”

Several weeks later, Irma returned to the Family Health Center with a framed copy of ‘Footprints.’ She asked that we place the story where it could be read by others. Today it is displayed in the clinic’s waiting area.

‘Footprints’ was Irma’s inspiration, and she is our inspiration. As caregivers, she reminds us that we must strive to fulfill Christ’s healing ministry not only by providing physical care, but also with concern, compassion, hope and comfort for those who seek our help on their journey to healing.

Sister Mary Ann Ryan, CCVI
CHRISTUS Spohn Family Health Center
Corpus Christi, Texas