Miracle Moments
Hellen's Journey  

OME TIME AGO, I had the privilege of sharing the final weeks of Helen’s journey from this life into death. Her beautiful spirit of acceptance, her continued involvement in life and her deep faith in God who loved her and held her in the palm of His hand inspired me and touched me deeply.

Helen had been battling brain cancer, which affected her eyesight, for two years. One day, she shared a story with me about a gift from God—an insight—that changed her life. She recalled a day when she was feeling particularly discouraged. “I can’t see, I can’t read, I can’t do anything,” Helen thought in despair. About this time, she closed her eyes. She had a vision of her mother, long deceased, who reminded her very gently and lovingly that she could always pray.

PullquoteHelen began to pray in earnest and a transformation occurred. She became more involved with her children and grandchildren, and even began to reach out to those who were confined to their homes in poor health. Helen became genuinely interested in every person she met and she loved each of them as a reflection of God’s love. Associates at CHRISTUS St. Patrick’s Hospital were among her favorite people. She understood their joys and sorrows and often, would minister them.

Helen had finally decided not to give in to her illness. She did not deny its presence and the fact that it was an inconvenience, but she moved beyond her own problems when she decided to reach out and love others.

Although Helen began to weaken as the end of her life drew near, an aura of peace surrounded her. One evening as I sat with her and prayed with her family, we noticed that she seemed to fix her gaze on one area of the room. When her daughter asked what she was looking at, she didn’t seem to hear her. We prayed the rosary and as we came to the end, Helen said, “Mom’s here for me but where are the others?” in a clear voice. Shortly after, she lapsed into a coma. When her daughter left the room for a few minutes around midnight, Helen went to join her mother in glory.

Sister Sheila Ann O’Beirne, CCVI
CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital
Lake Charles, Louisiana