Miracle Moments

IRACLES OCCUR IN all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, a miracle affects only one person. But when a miracle impacts a group of people, it becomes more precious. One such miracle happened to an infant named Julia at CHRISTUS Schumpert.

Becoming a parent is a miracle in itself, but it can be overwhelming, as well as exciting. Sharing the joy with others helps the parents see that they have been graced by God with a gift that has been created especially for them.

Often this miraculous process begins with a glimpse of shadowy images on an ultrasound screen. But tears of joy can also be mixed with tears of sorrow. In Julia’s case, tests showed evidence of a growth in her chest. The parents were overcome with anxiety and fear for their child. Fortunately, their faith in God and their church family helped them gain strength, through prayer and support, for what the future held for them.

When the day came for the birth of this baby, preparations were made for the special care that would be needed. Surgical teams, nurses, respiratory therapists and others helped prepare the baby for surgery. When the surgery began, there was a sense of calmness on the part of those in the operating room. Everyone had a great feeling of relief when the surgeon discovered that the growth was isolated and only involved one of the baby’s lungs. The growth was removed, and the surgeon told the parents the good news. He was convinced that many prayers had been lifted up for this child to have done so well in surgery.

Through time, little Julia has been such a great inspiration to many, including me. Julia’s parents are in my Sunday school class. Being able to see prayers in action on a personal level has strengthened my own faith in God.

I did not know that Julia was scheduled for surgery that day, but when I found out that I was on the care team chosen to go with her, it was an awesome feeling. I felt as if God had placed me there for Julie and her parents. Faith is a great force, and prayer in numbers makes it even stronger. There is no greater gift than that of a child. That gift is even more special when the child’s situation strengthens the faith of others in His name. Miracles come in many packages. I am ever so grateful for this miracle named Julia.

Angela Hazel
respiratory therapist
CHRISTUS Schumpert Health System
Shreveport, Louisiana