Miracle Moments

HE MIRACLES ARE all around us at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa. Today I saw one in the work and awareness of the intensive care nurse who simply stated, “My work is my ministry,” when I noticed her kindness to the dying patient in her care, and to his brokenhearted family.

I saw a miracle in the 93-year-old who smiled with sparkling eyes when I greeted her. She is beginning kidney failure and the chest pains are more frequent, but her spirit is shining through.

I saw a miracle in a child, sick with aplastic anemia who told her mother, “No, I want it quiet in here,” when asked if she wanted the television on. I sensed that somehow she knew she was in a sacred space.

Here we listen, care, and hope together. The hope goes beyond the miracle of cure that is also all around us in the skills and technology of today’s medicine and surgery. Even when cure is not possible, we see the hope and the miracles of healing, evidence of the wholeness that comes as a gift from Jesus. Through Him we see miracles every day.

Nancy Schweers
Spiritual Care
San Antonio, Texas