Miracle Moments
A Sound Affirmation  

AVING INHERITED HEARING LOSS from an early age, I had hoped that I’d be a candidate for surgery one day. At one point, I remember stepping off a curb to cross the street and being almost hit by a car because of my hearing impairment. This frightened me and convinced me how serious my problem had become. I resolved to get help. I chose the best specialists in otology, and then traveled to Houston to seek treatment.

After numerous hearing tests I was told that I was, indeed, a candidate for surgery. After all these years, no greater hope had ever been given to me than knowing I might possibly be helped by surgery. I was excited, happy and grateful. The day of the surgery at CHRISTUS St. Joseph Hospital, I prayed that it would be successful and restore my ability to hear—to overcome a problem I had lived with for practically my whole life.

PullquoteOnce the surgery was completed, I remember my doctor asking if I could hear. At that ‘miracle moment,’ I heard car horns, traffic on the streets below, and all types of sounds that I’d missed for years. What a glorious revelation of God’s wonders!

Later, after the healing process, my hearing was tested and I learned that I had gained back a significant portion of my hearing. My doctors agreed that it was miraculous. I was humbled and gave a prayer of thanksgiving. I gave thanks to God for the doctors’ skills and techniques and for the good life I am now able to enjoy.

Even though it has been nearly 40 years since I had the surgery, I am still relishing the world of sounds around me with the help of two hearing aids. Miracles do happen every day to keep us in tune with God’s blessings.

Mary Alice Debney
patient advocate
CHRISTUS Jasper Memorial Hospital
Jasper, Texas