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Walking In Faith  

S CHRISTIANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD celebrated the risen Savior on Easter Sunday in 1998, Reverend Tommy Ellis also rejoiced in a personal resurrection—his return to the pulpit. A ruptured disc, followed by surgery, had left Rev. Ellis paralyzed from the waist down with little promise of ever walking again. That day, he was able to stand in the pulpit again, albeit briefly, marking an important milestone in his recovery.

PullquoteThe minister had been admitted to CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital in January that same year, unable to move from the waist down but with a positive attitude and an unwavering faith. When he left CHRISTUS St. Michael in late February, he was still in a wheelchair but able to stand and take steps with a walker. Eventually, he was able to get around without the walker but aided by two canes. Then, he found he could move about with only one cane.

Rev. Ellis believes his faith and God’s abiding love, coupled with the CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation staff’s skillful, compassionate care, made it possible for him to return to his ministry—literally walking in faith.

Francine Francis
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
Texarkana, Texas