Miracle Moments Miracle Moments Of Personal Growth

OD HAS A PLAN for everyone. You may not know what it is, or even why, but if you put your life in His hands, He will reveal to you the miracle of His plan.

I had just given birth to my third child, Charlie, and had decided to quit working for a while and raise my children. When Charlie was eight months old, I received a call from a woman with whom I had worked several years ago. I do not know how she located me, but she was calling to ask me to interview for a position at the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation. I thanked her for thinking of me, but declined the offer, explaining my desire to spend time with my children. Several days passed when she called a second time urging me to come in for an interview. Once again, I declined. When the third call came, I knew that God was speaking to me and for some reason, He wanted me to work at CHRISTUS St. Joseph Hospital. I agreed to the interview and accepted the position.

I loved my job, made friends and learned a lot about the Catholic faith, but often wondered why God wanted me to work in a Catholic hospital.

Thirteen years passed and my husband, Charles, was diagnosed with a serious illness and forced to quit working, eventually becoming virtually homebound. Charles was hospitalized often over the next nine years. During his hospitalizations, we made many new friends with the nurses, patient care assistants, respiratory therapists and physicians. His physicians would e-mail me with new things to try and often corresponded by e-mail with Charles at home. The Sisters often visited him in the hospital and he enjoyed visiting and talking with them.

CHRISTUS St. Joseph was not only my place of employment, but soon became the place we found the most comfort. Often, I would meet Charles’ caretakers in the halls and cafeteria, and they always asked about Charles and told me he was in their prayers. People I had never even met were praying for my husband and family.

Charles was a fighter and I believe his wonderful doctors, patient care staff and the prayers of the Sisters and Associates extended his life. But in June, right after Tropical Storm Allison, Charles was admitted to the hospital for the last time. Because of the storm, he was admitted to CHRISTUS St. John Hospital, where he received the same excellent care.

Sister Jeanne and Dr. Verma, Charles’ physician, talked with me often about Charles’ final decisions and they allowed me to voice my concerns and fears. But Charles refused to discuss them. On July 21, my family and I were faced with the difficult decision as Charles was being cared for in the ICU with machines doing everything for him. Thanks to a wonderful ICU nurse, my family and I surrounded Charles and told him how much we loved him. We thanked him for sharing his life with us. While holding his hand, I told Charles that I knew he was tired, and that if he were ready to go, we would let him go. God took Charles home as we surrounded him with our love. We knew we had made the right decision.

God’s plan took 21 years to unfold. He knew that Charles and our family would need the love and support of the Sisters, Associates and physicians at CHRISTUS St. Joseph and CHRISTUS St. John. He knew we would be faced with difficult times and decisions and He wanted us to be surrounded with love.

God’s plans are miracles, and I thank God that He was patient. If not for those three phone calls, we would have missed the miracle of the Sisters, CHRISTUS St. Joseph, CHRISTUS St. John and Associates at both hospitals. God’s miracle plan surrounded us with love at a time we needed it the most.

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