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Jewel On The Barren Branch  

FTER TWO MONTHS OF DROUGHT, some of our trees were losing their leaves, and some of them were actually dying. Every day we spent time watering those that we could in a desperate attempt to save them. Thunderstorms would pass by with a promise of relief, but no rain came.

Prayer is a wonderful thing. In fact, it is in itself a miracle. A miracle is something you believe before you see it.

PullquoteThe other day another thunderstorm began to pass us by. We got together and asked our Father to please give us some rain and quench the dry land. At that moment, a heavy downpour began, and we danced with joy at such a quick response to our request.

We walked outside after the rain to survey the beauty of the soaked ground and trees. In the middle of the garden was a barren tree with no leaves. There on a barren branch was a ‘jewel,’ a droplet of rain that would change colors when I moved. It dazzled like a diamond, a prism of the sun’s light. I thought, “What a miracle that even among something so seemingly dead, there is beauty,”—if I just take the time to stop and look and be thankful.

Joseph Smith
Wilton P. Hebert Health & Wellness Center
CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital
Beaumont, Texas