Miracle Moments

lmost four years ago, I attended an Adoration, Community, Theology and Service (ACTS) retreat and my relationship with my Lord has not been the same since. During this time, my former employer required me to perform some job duties that were not in keeping with my Catholic moral values. Since I was trying to keep the spirit of my retreat weekend going in my day-to-day life, these duties were beginning to become harder and harder to perform. I addressed my concerns with my supervisor at the time and was told that if another position came along that did not include these duties, I could apply. Otherwise, I had to continue with my responsibilities as required.

I decided to discuss my dilemma with our parish priest. He suggested that I continue to seek direction from our Lord. I did so through prayer. About two years later, my husband and I were blessed with a long-awaited baby girl. We decided that I would be able to stay home with her and work part-time through an agency. About a year and a half later I was attending a seminar at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa and was informed of a full-time position in education. The position had not yet been officially posted but the person in the job at the time was planning to retire and was trying to help her supervisor find some candidates.

I went home and discussed the possibility of applying for the position with my husband. We had earlier agreed that I would not return to work full-time until our daughter was ready to start school. However, since this job was in an area that I loved and we had received an offer from a friend of the family to sit with our daughter, I decided to apply and leave the results in God’s hands. I was called for an interview and was hired. My daughter adjusted very well to the babysitter and my husband and I began realizing that God had planned this opportunity for me and my family.

But the miracle moment came when the commissioning service began at the end of my orientation. The song that began playing… Jesus has no body but ours… was the same song that was played at my confirmation Mass 25 years before and it had also been played at my ACTS retreat nearly four years ago. It had come full circle – my prayers were answered! I am now in a place of employment were there is no question of practicing moral behavior.

I can freely express my love for the Lord through my job. The commitment I made at that retreat almost four years ago was to adore Him, serve Him in my community and extend His living word… the mission of CHRISTUS Health is one in the same. God’s plan is not always clear or “on time”, but it is true and pure!

Cynthia Morin
Education Coordinator
CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health Care