Miracle Moments Miracle Moments In Work Life

ANY YEARS HAVE passed since I’ve worked in the ICU, but I remember this patient as though it was yesterday. At the time, I worked with a great group of nurses. We were dedicated and caring, but not always attuned to the spiritual side of our patients.

A frail, elderly woman was admitted to the ICU extremely ill. Her body temperature and heart rate was very low. We tried to warm her by wrapping her head in warm towels and her body in heated bath blankets. We warmed her IV fluids and monitored her closely. She was quiet and kept her eyes closed, but would answer when we spoke to her.

Every time we went to the bedside, her arm was out of the covers and her hand through the rail. We would ask if she needed anything and gently re-wrap her. Finally, I said, “Mrs. Jones, why do you keep putting your hand out? Is there something you need?”

“No, dear,” she said. “I’m just holding the hand of Jesus.” Later that day, she died with her hand through the rail and a smile on her face. Many times since then, patients have told me they’ve seen Jesus or angels beside them. I have no doubt!

CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital
Beaumont, Texas