Miracle Moments


Miracle Moments In Work Life


HE HOSPICE TEAM AT CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Health System is trained not only to work closely with patients and their families but also to follow up with families for one year following a patient’s death. Recently, we had a particularly touching case which, for the second time, took us to the same home where the patient’s daughter had received hospice services just two years ago.

About a month following the death of the patient, we read in the local newspaper that the family’s home had burned to the ground. We discussed this at our next department meeting and collectively gathered nearly $100 to assist the family. By the next week, we had collected another $100. Some of our team went to the badly burned home after our second staff meeting and discovered a family member in the back yard sorting through charred remains.

At first, the family member was not too receptive to our presence. He looked downtrodden and lonely, seemingly without a friend in the world. We explained the purpose of our visit and expressed our concern for his well-being. He was overwhelmed since he had received little help from anyone besides members of his church. He was unaware of other community services that could provide immediate shelter and personal care needs until we shared this information with him. Then we presented him with the money our department had collected. In gratitude, he broke down and cried.

I realized that it wasn’t so much due to the money that he received but the hope he found in recognizing that others cared about his plight and were willing to help without being asked. Truly, the healing ministry of Jesus Christ will continue in this place, thanks to the compassion learned from the Sisters who have been the cornerstone of our mission—a mission today shared by each CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Associate.

Kay Brandon
hospice volunteer coordinator
CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home Health & Hospice