Miracle Moments Miracle Moments In Work Life

T CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home, we are privileged to have worked with a person like Olivia Wilson. Olivia, 45, worked at CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home for 13 years as a nursing aide and housekeeper. She was a strong, compassionate person whom everyone considered the matriarch of the department. Olivia supervised the staff in the absence of her own supervisor, and always made certain that everything was done.

There were so many times when Olivia would have difficulty breathing, but she always came to work and did her share with the help of God. A smoker, her cigarettes were taken away from her many times by caring co-workers. And she was hospitalized many times, yet always returned to work in good humor.

The week before she left CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home for the last time, she returned with chest pains, but still tried to work. Olivia had a friend on her floor who loved to watch her every move. When he missed seeing her, he would call out, “Olivia, are you alright?” She would always say, “I’m alright,” and smile, even though she knew she wasn’t feeling well. She was strong until the end. “I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow,” she told her friend one day. She did, but never returned.

When CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s staff were contacted by Olivia’s family and told that she had passed away, there was silence, tears and sadness throughout the building. Residents and staff alike were saddened by Olivia’s death, and everyone pitched in to help her family by sending food, flowers, money, cards and prayers in her honor. The love and compassion shown exemplified Olivia’s life, and the love and compassion she had for our residents and staff. It didn’t matter who you were—Olivia always demonstrated the vision and healing ministry of CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home. The memories of her will last forever.

Carolyn Jones and Ruby Watts
CHRISTUS St. Joseph’s Home
Monroe, Louisiana