Miracle Moments


Miracle Moments In Work Life


NE OF OUR PHYSICIANS came to work one morning at the CHRISTUS St. Mary Outpatient Center despite feeling a bit under the weather. It was obvious in his appearance, and the nurses kept checking on him, but he denied that anything was wrong. Later, the doctor decided to get an EKG. He was having a heart attack and did not even realize it! Staff nearby immediately called an ambulance to rush him to CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital.

In less than one hour, cardiac catheterization was performed and he remained in the intensive care unit to prepare for a coronary artery bypass graft the next day. Fortunately, his recovery was uneventful.

This event was certainly a miracle. One of our very own caregivers was in desperate need of our care when he was at his weakest. When the doctor experienced a heart attack, it was fortunate for him and for all of us that he happened to be on duty, and surrounded by people who knew exactly what to do. Today, he continues to see patients, enjoys ballroom dancing on the weekends and has the opportunity to watch his grandchild grow.

Joyce Manuel, P.T.
Physical Medicine
CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital
Port Arthur, Texas