Miracle Moments Miracle Moments In Work Life

S A NEW ASSOCIATE at CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital, I found not only words to live by, but words to work by. Shortly before I started to work there, my church family prayed for a special job for me to serve the Lord and others. Around that time, the Lord woke me early one morning with a message in a song that “I will make a way where there seems to be no way.”

My walk and mission with CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital began about one year ago. I direct the Medical Records department, which keeps me busy, but it is the “Spirit In Action” of the employees at CHRISTUS St. Mary that is God’s unique blessing to me.

One day, Sister Marisa gave me a beautiful picture of a tiny newborn cradled in an elderly person’s hands. A quote from Albert Einstein was on the picture. It said, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Each day, I see the healing ministry of Jesus Christ at work at CHRISTUS St. Mary. I see it in the administrators who compliment or hug whenever the need arises, or a new employee who charts reports on patients in the ICU and takes a moment to pray for each person who is so gravely ill. I have seen many nurses, physicians, Associates and Sisters pray for my own mother who was near death in this hospital for two months. I have seen God bless me with the close, spiritual friendship of a Sister who often stops to share a prayer or a picture of red flowers—my own reminder of the miracles in my life. I had once shared with her, that shortly after my father’s death, a red flower grew by his grave. It grew in a very cold, dry earth that should have produced no flowers until spring.

So many memories have been created already! Many miracles, indeed, because Jesus has placed the care of His people in the arms of angels –all those who serve Him at CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital.

I can never be thankful enough for the love that surrounds me…the ties that cannot be broken as we are bound together in Christ’s love.

Carol Standfield, Medical Records
CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital
Port Arthur, Texas